A World-Class Company

MSH PHARMA is a private Canadian company that manufactures and develops suppositories, vaginal ovules and liquid products. Within this specialty, we are known for having one of the largest manufacturing capacity in North America, both for brand-name and generic drugs.

The success of the Intrarosa® prasterone vaginal ovule was the springboard for MSH PHARMA, which has manufactured this prescription product since its launch. This product has allowed us to establish industry-leading expertise in development, manufacturing and packaging, while cementing our credibility internationally.

With a vision of becoming the world leader in the development and manufacturing of suppositories and vaginal ovules, driven by a result-oriented approach and commitment to effective solutions, MSH PHARMA already has an impressive portfolio of partners and continues to grow.

Our Story

A site with a rich history.

MSH PHARMA INC. is the result of a series of mergers and acquisitions. It all started in 1994 with the creation of Axcan, which became Aptalis in 2011. In 2015, the site became the property of Adare, which was in turn acquired by Endoceutics in 2017, before becoming MSH PHARMA in 2023.

From that day forward, MSH Pharma has proudly borne its name in honour of its majestic neighbour, mont Saint-Hilaire.

We are lucky to be able to design and produce high-quality pharmaceutical solutions across from Quebec’s largest urban nature reserve—an endless source of inspiration. Today, our plant covers more than 115,000 square feet and brings together our manufacturing, development, packaging, analytics and warehousing operations.


To develop and manufacture high-quality, specialized pharmaceutical products that contribute to the wellbeing of society by promoting accessibility.


Commitment is at the heart of MSH PHARMA’s organizational values. This commitment extends to all our clients, investors, colleagues, patients and communities. Each of our values is a guarantee of quality under every circumstance.


Achieving results through excellence in everything we do.


Acting in a professional and ethical manner at all times.


Working together to deliver expected results.


Adapting effectively to changes in our environment.